Campervan Dreaming

Can I live in a van down by the river?

No, seriously, can I?

I’ve spent the last week obsessively pinning camper vans on Pinterest and scoping out all of the camper van companies near me. (There are a lot more than I was expecting, but I live near Boulder, so it really shouldn’t have been unexpected at all.)

My husband and I did a massive downsize a few years ago after I was in a serious accident that resulted in a brain hemorrhage. Luckily, I survived with only minimal memory loss, etc. After that experience, putting so much stock in things felt incredibly empty, so we downsized everything, and vowed to be more intentional about pursuing experiences rather than things.

In the midst of our downsize, we played around with the idea of a tiny house. It proved to be a more difficult venture than we were expecting. Many counties in Colorado will not allow dwellings that small to be the sole structure on a parcel of land, and the cost of land itself is considerable, so we resided ourselves to just finding a smaller home. Technically, we’re still on that search for the perfect, cozy place.

In the meantime, we’ve decided that an excellent compromise to having a tiny house is to have a camper van that we can take to the mountains here on the weekends, and then we can also eventually venture to every national park in the states for vacations.

It’s one of those bucket list ideas that I hope happen, even if we don’t make it to EVERY national park. 

In my mind, we’re just a minimalist, hippie family traveling around in our camper van and seeing the sights.

I just love to cling to these ideas that make me feel like our lives are more than just the day to day drudgery that we get so deeply sucked into, especially right now.

It’s still ok to dream.

So, I’ll just continue to peruse Pinterest for the van of my dreams and hope to park it someday down by the river…

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