Welcome to Braless in The Burbs

If you somehow stumbled upon this blog thinking it was going to be porn, I sincerely apologize.

Welcome to Braless in The Burbs,

I am an ever-evolving human. I’ve dealt with chronic illness my entire life, which has made me very aware of the connection between my mind, body, and the environment I surround myself with. I was slowly chugging along, and then, I suffered a TBI in 2015 due to a freak accident. I was lucky to have survived with only minimal, lasting damage. After the accident, it pushed me to shed the things that I felt were weighing me down and wasting my time. Nothing like a classic, near-death experience to make you want to shake up your life! Once I was able to feel healthy enough, my husband and I immediately got to work to downsize everything in our lives. So, we sold our house, downsized our car, sold off or donated more than half of our possessions, and we began to make real strides toward more intentional, sustainable living, and that’s where you’re meeting me now.

Why Braless? There is no better feeling than taking off your bra after a long day. It’s freeing to shed off the thing that was contorting and restricting you for so long, and that’s exactly how I felt the day I decided that I was going to become more present and conscientious in my life. Like I had taken off my bra after a hard day, and I was ready to finally breathe.

I chose to write about this out in the world, rather than in my journal, because my stories, research, and anecdotes might be useful for you too. (Unless I am the only one with these issues…In that case, please do not tell me, and let me live in my blissful ignorance.)

I plan to keep you updated on all things:

  • Working towards Minimalism
  • Becoming a Conscious Consumer/Sustainability
  • My Life Philosophy
  • Wellness – Including therapy, yoga, meditation, etc.

As a disclaimer, I am not a doctor, a therapist, or a qualified person in any way, so everything that I will post is through the myopic lens of my own life. I urge you to speak to your own physical and mental health providers.

My hope is for us to have a cozy, relaxed space to share and evolve.

So, take off your bra, relax, and let’s get through this shit together.

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