Dusty Leaves: The Things We Forget to Clean

I read an article on Well + Good a couple of days ago that made me horrified of my couch.

Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Couch

My living room. (Susan is in the corner.)

Heads Up, Your Couch is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat – Here’s How to Clean It, by Mary Grace Garis, discusses that our couches can harbor multitudes of microbes and bacteria, and how we tend to neglect cleaning them. Eww.

I vacuum my couch consistently, but I definitely don’t do much more than that. So, after reading this article, I questioned my own existence and wondered what other things I’ve neglected cleaning in my home. (I also, immediately, vacuumed and steamed my couch!)

Now, full disclosure, I’m fairly crazy, so I tend to clean those weird things that other people may miss, like my kitchen table legs, above the refrigerator, the bottom of the pantry floor, etc., so I was, obviously, horrified when I realized that I’d been missing the couch germs, but when I looked around my house, another spot I realized I was missing was my poor houseplants.

Plants Need Love Too

I love our plants, but I’m terrible at taking care of them. Thankfully, my husband waters and feeds our plants to ensure they don’t die. (It does get a little rough when he is gone for military deployments, and I’m left to care for them myself, but to be fair the couple that died the last time he was gone were on their way out before he left. I refuse to have their murders pinned on me.)

However, as much as we love our precious plants, I didn’t realize how much we’ve been neglecting cleaning off their leaves.

Did you know that you’re supposed to clean your plants’ leaves periodically? Me, either. (If you did know, you’re an amazing plant parent, and your plants should be thankful they didn’t end up with a monster like me.)

So, last Sunday, I put all 8 of our houseplants on our kitchen table and gave them the tender love and care they so desperately needed. (We actually have one giant plant that my son named Susan, who is too big for the table, so Susan got to stay in her spot by the window, and I brought the cleaning to her. Susan doesn’t move for anyone. Do you not name your plants? Is that a weird thing to do? If it is, don’t tell me.)

I followed the advice from this great article, Why You Should Clean The Leaves of Houseplants, on the Spruce.

This is Barb and her perky leaves.
So fresh and clean!

Final Thoughts

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think it would really matter whether I cleaned their leaves or not, but the plants actually seemed to like it. They have been very perky ever since. It makes me feel worse for leaving them dusty for so long. I am a monster! At least I can only go up from here!

Do you clean your plant’s leaves? Or steam your couch?

What weird thing are you forgetting to clean?

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