A Rocky Week: Painting as Meditation

Working on Grounding

I’ve been working hard this week on taking time for the things that are grounding.

For me, specifically, this meant that I spent a lot of time painting rocks. I am not great at traditional meditation, but I like to think that the zen feeling that I get while I paint is meditative as well. (Plus, I love to leave them around my neighborhood for people to find!)

From left to right: dinosaur in egg, palm tree sunset, strawberry, snoopy, night trees, bird eyes, mini camper, harry potter

Finding Calm in The Process

This Buzz Lightyear is going to end up in my friend’s yard for her little one to find.

I love the calm, process of painting. It’s methodical and repetitive strokes and lines create a moment to pause and focus on something outside of myself, which is incredibly beneficial when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the world around me.

There is so much that is disheartening going on in the world right now that at times it feels like the weight of it all will crush me. Doing things that are grounding helps to increase the buoyancy of that weight. Then when I feel the weight lift a little, I feel like I’m more able to be optimistic about the future.

Have you ever painted rocks?

What things do you do that are grounding?

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