Meditative Plant Care

Gently caring for our plants has been a type of relaxation and release during our grieving.

I wanted to share this quick, one-minute video of my husband gingerly caring for our plants last Saturday. We put out some of the plants for some sun and fresh air. The only other plants that we didn’t have out that day were our two snake plants, our mini cactus, and our small aloe plant.

The gorgeous greenery and tender care was so relaxing to watch, and I’m hoping that you find it relaxing as well. Any chance for a moment to focus on anything other than stress and grief, has become a welcome reprieve.

(If you are sensitive to sound, you might want to watch on mute. We do live near a busier street, so you will be able to hear a bit of background traffic.)


My husband caring for our plant, Delores.

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