Coloring for Relaxation

Coloring can bring about feelings of relaxation and remind us of childhood.

For a lot of us, coloring is something that we stopped doing the older we became. We all put away our crayons and colored pencils, and took out our laptops and got “serious.”

Being an adult is serious business.

There is an abundance of stress, and it becomes more and more difficult to find those carefree moments of just doing things for fun. Not doing something to produce anything or to attain any kind of goal, but doing something just for the fun of it.

When we were kids, we would color just to color. We didn’t color to post it to instagram, or prove that we were “on trend.” No, you would take out your pack of crayons, pull out a mac and cheese color, and go to town. (Do you remember the sets that had the Mac and Cheese named orange/yellow? It was the best!)

So, in the midst of a deluge of grief and stress, I’ve gone back to the basics, and I am taking the time to color.

I know that I’m very late to the game, and adult coloring books are already a thing, but I highly recommend giving coloring a try. Even if that means, you sneak one of your kid’s coloring books and crayons after they go to sleep.

I’ve also taken my coloring a nerdy step further and created my own coloring pages using Procreate on my iPad. Procreate is an art app available on IOS. It is $9.99, but you can use it for a multitude of art applications.

It is so relaxing and satisfying for me to make the repetitive lines and shapes to create my own coloring pages.

Do you take the time to color, or to do something else that creates a moment of relaxation and fun?

Just click download below for a free, printable pdf coloring page that I designed!

This is what the page looks like without color.

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