Take A Hike: It Can Relieve Stress

Like everyone else, I have been weighed down by stress lately.

So, my husband and I decided to head to the mountains for a short hike on Monday.

I am a typical, Colorado gal, and I feel so much more relaxed in the mountains than I do anywhere else.

Climbing up Rattlesnake Gulch

The spot we chose tends to be rather popular, but on a Monday afternoon, it was relatively quiet, which made for a much more rejuvenating experience.

My son dipped his toes in the freezing creek, and we trekked for hours just getting lost among the rocks and trees.

I watched in sheer awe as rock climbers traversed across the precipice of the mountain summit as easily as a kid skips down the street.

We saw a hummingbird zip its way across the creek in the hopes of suckling at the gorgeous wildflowers that dotted the mountainside.

South Boulder Creek

To be surrounded by such stunning nature and forced to focus on my every step is something that is so magical and allows me to get outside of myself.

Yes, my baby is almost my size and he’s only 10.

Did you know that hiking has a host of benefits?

According to the National Parks Service, hiking is beneficial not just for your physical health, but it is also beneficial for your mental well-being as well. You benefit from not only the act of exercising your body and flooding it with those endorphins, but you also benefit from the calming effect of being in nature. Even the Harvard Medical School backs up the claim that hiking can be an incredible way to lower your stress level!

I highly recommend hiking as a way to relieve stress, and I think that even if you are unable to get to the mountains, even just a walk around your neighborhood could be an excellent way to get outside and benefit from a little exercise and stress relief.

So, when is your next hike?

I’ve also included this minute-long video of the rushing creek. I hope that it helps you to take a short minute to stop and breathe.


South Boulder Creek – June Midday

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