Minimalist Book Journey: Will I Ever Go Back to Paperback?

I’ve just finished reading my first paperback book in a very long time, and it was WONDERFUL!

I’m an avid reader, and one of the things that I downsized during my minimalist journey was my extensive book collection.

Like any good nerd, I amassed a collection of books that were some of my prized possessions, but when I sat in front of my bookshelves five years ago and realized that I was holding onto my worn, well-loved copy of Harriet The Spy for the memories, rather than to be able to read it again, I knew it was time to let go.

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So, I shed a few tears goodbye as I donated my collection to my local library and local children’s charity. I knew they would be safe and sound in another book lover’s home.

(Full disclosure: I did keep the few signed copies of books that I have, so I do still own about 4 books.)

Now, this doesn’t mean that I have’t read in the last five years, it just means that I use the hell out of the library. (As we all should, because libraries are incredible, and we should protect them AT ALL COSTS.)

Although, I do tend to check out ebooks and read them using my Kindle Paperwhite or my iPad, rather than checking out paperbacks.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve read a physical book.

However, when I was sequestered during my colonoscopy prep, my wonderful friend brought me a few books from her collection to read.

I forgot how wonderful it is to feel those crisp pages between my fingers and how much easier it is on my eyes to stare at paper pages rather than a screen.

The feeling and smell of physical books produces such fond nostalgia for me. I grew up in libraries and I clung to books like life preservers, because that’s what they were and are to me.

So, reading a physical book again was some kind of bliss that propelled me to voraciously devour that entire novel in a day. (Despite the fact that the book was about a whiny, affluent, white woman, which is a storyline that I do not vibe with.)

I have read a couple ebooks since then, but I keep fantasizing about physical, paper pages like some kind of monster fiend.

Does this all mean that I should grow my personal, physical collection again?

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For me, the answer is still no.

I love physical books, and I always will, but, to me, they are like potato chips, and I can’t eat just one.

I will accumulate books quicker than Katniss Everdeen fires her arrows, and then I will feel overwhelmed and inundated with books that harbor dust, which I’m highly allergic to, and do not fulfill enough of a daily use for me to justify their place in my home.

How will I get my paper book fix?

I will have to make an effort to check out more physical books from my library, and I will also continue to borrow books from my friends, who have wonderful taste in literature and people.

So, when it comes to books, have you downsized your collection?

Do you prefer your books paper or digital?

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