Bralternatives (Bra Alternatives): Bikini Tops

As most of you know from the title of this blog and my post, Bras Are Boob Prisons: Why I Stopped Wearing Bras, and Why I’ll Never Go Back, I have strong feelings about not wearing bras and just letting the nip free.

Now, with that being said, there are times that I feel like, even with my small chest, that I need a little support, like when I’m doing more intense exercising.

So, I’ve been researching bralternatives, or bra alternatives. (I feel like I just created a new word here, but if it’s been used somewhere else, please let me know.)

During my research, I came across an article that suggested using a bikini top as a pseudo sports bra.

I absolutely hate sports bras.

I feel like they are always just too tight, and I feel like they always end up pulling at my shoulders in an uncomfortable way. I have panic attacks putting them on when they roll up and I feel like I’m trapped in a spandex hell that I’ll never escape from.

So, the idea of wearing a bikini top instead, was incredibly appealing.

I generally wear Jolyn bikinis, upon the recommendation of my swim instructor a couple of years ago. (Yes, I barely learned how to swim a couple of years ago. That’s a post for another day.) I find Jolyn bikinis to have more of an athletic fit, and they do not have shaped cups, so they are a lot more comfortable than other bikinis.

I decided to wear one of my bikini tops while I spent the day moving a ton of boxes and doing a brisk hike.

The Setup
My husband took this for me, so I can show you the back of my bikini under my top. You definitely can’t tell that I’m wearing a bikini. It just looked like a normal sports bra.
The Results

It didn’t go well…

What Went Wrong

I made the major mistake of using a tie-back bikini top. Even though Jolyn bikinis are made to be more athletic, they are made for swimming, so the fabric performs best in water. I found that I was constantly having to adjust the bikini top, because it just wasn’t able to stay in place with my rigorous movement. I had to retie it about 5 times throughout the day.

Now, I am able to swim like a maniac without these tops ever slipping. (I definitely swim like a maniac, and I apologize to anyone who is ever in the lane next to me.)

What Went Right

The bikini top was able to wick away moisture, which is something I definitely appreciated, because I am a very sweaty person. I had to have a hysterectomy at 25, so I live in a post-menopausal, hot-flash nightmare. (Again, a post for another day.) So, like most post-menopausal ladies can attest to, when I exercise, I become 90% sweat. It was a welcome treat to have the sweat wicked away by the bikini top.

It actually made me miss wearing a bra while exercising for it’s sweat-absorbing capabilities.

Final Thoughts

I think a bikini top can definitely double as a pseudo sports bra if it’s the right top. You definitely need a fixed back top.

Thankfully for me, Jolyn makes fixed back tops, so I might actually order myself one and give it a whirl.

For me, wearing something while exercising might be worth it just to absorb some sweat.

I most likely won’t try real sports bras again, because, for me, the fabric is just too thick and compressing.

I also love the idea that a bikini top can also double as a sports bra, because I love multifunctional clothing to help maintain my minimal-ish closet.

How about you? Have you ever tried wearing a bikini as a sports bra?

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