Braless in the Burbs

Why Braless? There is no better feeling than taking off your bra after a long day. It’s freeing to shed off the thing that was contorting and restricting you for so long. I feel the same way about striving to live a more intentional and conscientious life, like I’ve taken off my bra after a hard day, and I’m ready to actually breathe.

I’ve dealt with chronic illness my entire life and it’s forced me to be very aware of my body, my mind, and my relationship with everything around me.

When I suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2015, on top of my other health issues, it pushed me even further to live with more presence and intention, and a lot of that now looks like being a conscious consumer, a striving minimalist, a mindful observer, a recovering perfectionist, and an ever-evolving human.

I also have a mouth like a sailor and a penchant for raconteur storytelling, because life’s challenges call for the kind of levity that only obscenities and witty sass can provide.

So, take off your bra, relax, and we’ll get through this shit together.