Bralternatives (Bra Alternatives): Bikini Tops

As most of you know from the title of this blog and my post, Bras Are Boob Prisons: Why I Stopped Wearing Bras, and Why I’ll Never Go Back, I have strong feelings about not wearing bras and just letting the nip free. Now, with that being said, there are times that I feel like, […]

Zoomed In: My Macro Obsession

I love to pretend that I’m an actual photographer. I say pretend, because in reality, the only things I know about the act of photography are from YouTube tutorials. I use a 55mm Nikon D3400 DSLR that’s about 3 years old and was on sale at Costco for around $700, and I have a small […]

My Minimalist”ish” Closet

In my post about looking for sustainably sourced clothes, I promised that I would show you all my closet at some point. Well, here it is. It’s not a looker, but it gets the job done. Our house has an odd setup, and my husband has considerably more clothes than me, so his closet is […]

Minimalist Book Journey: Will I Ever Go Back to Paperback?

I’ve just finished reading my first paperback book in a very long time, and it was WONDERFUL! I’m an avid reader, and one of the things that I downsized during my minimalist journey was my extensive book collection. Like any good nerd, I amassed a collection of books that were some of my prized possessions, […]

Learning to Focus on Process instead of Production

Our self-worth tends to get tangled up in what we can produce. Like a lot of people, I constantly feel like I need to produce something. I need to have some indication that I have used my time “wisely” by having a product to show for it. Whether that “product” is a piece of art, […]

Take A Hike: It Can Relieve Stress

Like everyone else, I have been weighed down by stress lately. So, my husband and I decided to head to the mountains for a short hike on Monday. I am a typical, Colorado gal, and I feel so much more relaxed in the mountains than I do anywhere else. The spot we chose tends to […]

This Is NOT About You: Ways to Start Becoming a Better White Ally

I have watched in horror this past week as another Black person was murdered by police. This country needs change that is centuries overdue. I have written this post about three times. I wanted to put out something to help educate, but I kept finding myself so angry and exasperated by the idea that people […]

Colonoscopy during A Pandemic

Nothing sounds more fun than a camera tour of your colon. I deal with a lot of gastrointestinal issues, and I have for the majority of my life. Among other things, I had a cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) in 2015, and ever since then, my issues have been quite worse. Through copious amounts of testing, we […]

Coloring for Relaxation

Coloring can bring about feelings of relaxation and remind us of childhood. For a lot of us, coloring is something that we stopped doing the older we became. We all put away our crayons and colored pencils, and took out our laptops and got “serious.” Being an adult is serious business. There is an abundance […]

Meditative Plant Care

Gently caring for our plants has been a type of relaxation and release during our grieving. I wanted to share this quick, one-minute video of my husband gingerly caring for our plants last Saturday. We put out some of the plants for some sun and fresh air. The only other plants that we didn’t have […]


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